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    2018-12-25 03:27


    公司旗下“雅曼妮”品牌,專業生產一次性濕巾、餐飲衛生用品。類別包括濕毛巾、無紡布、無塵紙、竹纖維,錢夾紙等系列產品。已通過ISO9001:2008質量管理體系標準認證。 產品的穩定性在同行業中首屈一指,在業界享有獨特的聲譽。 
    We are one of the leading and fastest growing manufacturers ofwet wipes and disposable towels applications in China. Our products range from Retaurant ,baby, personal care, household, pet & various industrial wet wipe applications. We currently manufacture over 300 different OEM private label SKU's for our worldwide customers.
    We have FDA,SGS, ISO9001:2000 ,ISO14001, ISO13485 and CE certifications. 
    Our state of the art facility in group company stands as a symbol of our emphasis in quality, consistency and efficiency in providing the best value in wet wipes manufacturing. 
    Relying on the advantages and strengths of the group company, My factory is equipped with foreign and domestic advanced production and testing equipments, 50,000 square meters standard factory, 16,000 square meters 100,000 grade purification GMP workshop. The company also has 15 splunlace, spunbond, thermobond and air-through non-woven fabric production line resources, products an annual capacity of up to 2 billion package. 
    With our core-focus concentrated on "customer first, fast, fantastic", we strive to provide the best service, the quickest lead-time, the fantastic high quality. With deep understanding of the challenges and knowledge needed to supply in today's demanding retail environments, we have the ability to efficiently handle all your wet wipes needs. 
    Welcome to enjoy our products and service. Act now !

    訊拓互聯網專業從事阜陽網站建設、阜陽網站制作的阜陽網絡公司,已積累千家客戶.在阜陽網絡公司、阜陽網站建設公司中大有名氣.阜陽做網站,就找訊拓互聯! 價格最低,服務最好,電話:0558-2583152,地址:阜陽潁州北路嘉泰大廈817
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